Brainwashed (HardHeroes Vol. 13)


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CAST: Clint Peak, Shane Collins, Ricky Manero, Vince Dimedici, Rush, Sammy G

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 5/29/2008

All new super hero action starring Shane Collins as Blue Steel; Clint Peak as Hornet; Vince Dimedici as the steel heel Sliver; and Ricky Manero as the Red Blaster.

Blue Steel and Blaster discover and infiltrate Sliver`s hide-out bunker and unwittingly pull a chain that gets them sprayed with a paralyzing web. Three days pass when muscle hero Hornet sets out to find his missing buddies, and very quickly finds himself captured, helpless and dangling upside down in a strange dark place. Sliver`s objective in hero-napping our three muscle studs is to BRAIN WASH them into joining his criminal campaigne.

But what villian could resist punishing and manhandling his captives above and beyond the already brutal brain washing techniques.... just for his personal perverted pleasure. Punished and stripped in physically brutal methods, Blue Steel and Blaster have only their rock hard bodies to withstand their abuse.

While still tied up they are kicked, bashed, and battered mercilessly. Meanwhile in two bondage positions Hornet`s mind is tortured with endless electro-visual light blasts. Bored of beating Blue Steel and Blaster, Sliver orders his new muscle slaves to fight each holds barred. Our three killer good looking muscle heros finally succumb to their endless brain washing abuse and agree to become Sliver`s slave thugs.

Completly BRAIN WASHED and geared up again in their super hero suits, the last thing we see is muscle slave Hornet kissing the feet of his new master Sliver. Can this be? Have we lost our heros to the forces of evil? Now stay tuned for a BRAIN WASHED video bonus.

On the same tape. stud hunk hero Sammy Gee is captured by leather punk Rush, stripped naked, wrists cinched together and hoisted up..... suspended hero Green takes plenty of punishment in GREEN STRUNG UP. Unable to defend himself, flexing against the barrage of blows from Rush, hero Green`s abs are battered, his nipples are tortured, his chest... back... and ass feel the blows from Rush`s flogger.... continuously until hero Green finally agrees to have jack of sex with his captor.

Produced and directed by Can-Am`s in house hunk Beau Bradley, BRAIN WASHED and GREEN STRUNG UP are his latest super muscle hero adventures featuring lots of BDSM wrestling action and five cum shots.

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