BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 9/2/2009

BG has paired two of his most popular models in this one Body Worship. Rocky has been a longtime fav and compared to his previous video has made a huge improvement in his body definition. Rocky always has had a great body favored by genetics and good workouts, but he's never looked better in this video. Mike Roberts has taken the BG world of fans by storm. In this video we see the two engaging in a workout. Mike is showing Rocky his favorite workout tools. Some are new to Rocky but he manages to give them a good try. The workout is fun for both, with much lighthearted back and forth banter and laughter. Flexing and posing follow with the model's comments on each other's bodies. Serious eroticism ensues with each model oiling the other and taking their sweet time doing it. Seeing these models muscles shining and flexing in oil is definitely the best of eye candy. Rocky goes on to some serious cock sucking and a jack-off session. A shower completes the video.

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