BG Wrestling

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CAST: Talvin Demachio, Rocky


RELEASE DATE: 10/3/2018

Rocky and Talvin had never met before, but there were definite sparks when they did. The mutual attraction was intense which made for an incredibly sexy production. Since both have very, very sexy and muscled bodies BG had them pose solo before starting the worship portion. Both are professionals when it comes to posing. They know how to position and flex their bodies for maximum effect. Rocky then goes for Talvin's shirt, and presto, out spill DeMachio’s huge pecs. Rocky, both orally and with his hands, goes to work on pec worship. Rocky is wearing a pair of trunks that he brought with him to the shoot. They hug his ass and crotch clingy tight, disappearing into his ass crack.

Talvin, aggressive guy that he is, and as turned on by Rocky as Rocky is by Talvin, reverses the tables, slaps Rocky up against the wall, raises his arms, pinning them while he orally goes to work on Rocky's pits. Of course, on Talvin's part, there is a lot of tender worship of Rocky's muscles. Both are heavy into kissing, as you'll see throughout the production. A massage table appears and both oil massage the other. To show you how much they are into each other, both Rocky and Talvin are able to jack off the other. Talvin needs a lot of kissing in addition to jacking in order to cum. He gets it and he does. Talvin does the same to Rocky. This is as sexy as a Body Worship gets.

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