Body Worship 38 DVD

BG Wrestling

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CAST: Marco Rossi, Nick Steel


RELEASE DATE: 5/18/2019

This video starts off with lots of verbal interaction between the two. Nick wants to measure Marco's big muscles and Marco is only too happy to have him do it. Marco loves to pose and does so easily. Nick worships Marco's body as he poses. Nick pays a lot of attention to Marco's beautiful bodybuilder butt, his big muscled thighs, his incredibly cut calves, his high peaked biceps, his horseshoe triceps, and his thick and oh, so edible pecs. Nick does everything you would want to do to Marco if you were the one worshipping. A fantastic cocksucking scene leads to the inevitable jack-off's. You Marco Rossi fans will thoroughly enjoy this video. Fans of pec and biceps bouncing as well as tit sucking will enjoy this video, as well.

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