Body Worship 36 DVD

BG Wrestling

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CAST: Marco Rossi, Jeremy Tucker


RELEASE DATE: 3/24/2019

The video starts with both Marco (over 205 lbs) and Jeremy (190 lbs) lifting light weights dressed in T-shirts and jeans for Jeremy, and a wifebeater & athletic gear for Marco. The weights are light, the reps many. Jeremy puts his weights down, comes over to Marco, and as Marco goes for the burn, Jeremy worships his muscles. Jeremy employs his lips, his tongue, and his hands in an all-out worship of Marco's incredible body. A light-hearted banter between the two is ongoing as is the "burning" workout, including comments on how hard the muscles are that are being worshipped.

After some lengthy and intense reps, which Jeremy uses to thoroughly worship Marco's bi's, tri's and shoulders, he strips the wifebeater from Marco's physique. A smorgasbord of muscle now awaits Jeremy's delight and he takes full advantage. Jeremy, himself, strips and we see an incredibly defined, fat-free body. Beautiful genetics! His sexy jeans ride his hips showing a very sexy pair of obliques. He peels Rossi's athletic gear exposing his beautiful jockstrap clad butt.

Over the course of the remainder of this video we see Marco pec bounce, bi bounce. We see Jeremy nip suck and kiss. We see Jeremy worship Rossi's enormous thighs and huge calves. Rossi even takes a few moments to worship Jeremy's hard definition.

Jeremy is an accomplished cocksucker, and it is obvious Marco is enjoying it. Marco lets loose with some spit on his nips, which he uses to rub them while Tucker continues with cocksucking. A J/O ensues. BG doesn't miss a beat (off), so to speak.

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