Body Worship 35 DVD

BG Wrestling

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CAST: Eric Evans, Brent Banes


RELEASE DATE: 3/2/2019

Lovers always make for a great erotic video. They do stuff and know stuff about each other that others, meeting for the first time, would not. It is always good to get lovers to do a video in the 'passionate' phase of their relationship. Eric Evans and Brent Banes were certainly in that phase, as you will see.

Fans of big hairy chested pecs will love Eric Evans. Fans of lots of nipple nudging, sucking, pulling, rubbing, tonguing and flicking will love this video. Do you like to see tongues, fingers and even cock-heads working someone's butt? Fans of these erotic maneuvers will love this video. Armpit licking? It's here, too. Those who enjoy frequent changes of crotch clinging gear will enjoy seeing Eric and Brent flex and feel during these scenes.

Cock sucking and jack-off wrap up this production. BG wonders what a grizzly bear would sound like when it cums. Would it sound like Brent Banes when he cums? Perhaps. It's certainly a loud growl.

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