Body Worship 28

BG Wrestling

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CAST: Nick Steele, Alex Wilcox


RELEASE DATE: 5/22/2020

This is one of BG’s more erotic Muscle Worship videos. Nick Steele was at the top of Alex’s wish list. He’s young, handsome, nice body, beautiful butt and into Alex. In fact Alex is so excited throughout the whole video that when it comes time to the more erotic part his hard cock is leaking pre-cum big time. At one point Nick touches one of Alex’s leaking cum strands and expands it, plays with it. Nick takes his hand, encircles Alex’s big cock, and milks that big thing until it spurts.

Part 1:
The first part of the video concentrates on biceps, triceps, chest, back and butts with mutual worship between these two hot guys.

Part 2:
Cocksucking, pre-cum, cumshots.

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