Body Worship 34

BG Wrestling

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CAST: Alex Powers, Chad Maxwell


RELEASE DATE: 5/14/2020

This video is really 80 plus percent all about Alec Powers. For those who are big fans of Alec and his incredibly proportioned, muscled body, this is the video that defines Alec, a production that definitely belongs in every Alec Powers collection. BG's camera takes special care to videotape Alec from every possible angle and linger long and lovingly on his beautiful body. Chad also takes his sweet time in worshipping Alec's body, from his delicious hairy pecs, to his beautiful shoulders, abs, and steel hard butt. Both Alec and Chad takes turns in sucking each others cocks. Kneeling in the center of the room, both go on to blow off nice cumshots. A shower ends this hot production. This is also a very VERBAL video. Lots of sex talk.

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