Body Worship 32

BG Wrestling

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CAST: Tony Acosta, Javier


RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2019

On purpose BG did not tell Tony Acosta who he was working with until the moment of the video. When Javier walks into the room Tony lights up like a Xmas tree. What follows is one of THE most passionate Body Worships ever. There is lots of kissing as they meet. Lots of oral on individual muscles as Tony and Javier pose. Both are Latino/Spanish; Javier from Spain and Tony from Latin America, so you will hear a mix of Spanish and English interaction between the two. Two big uncut cocks lead to the first ever docking scene on BG video. Lots of ass slapping. The cocksucking scenes are energetic and passionate. The cum shots are loads long denied and very vocal upon delivery.

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