Body Worship 31

BG Wrestling

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CAST: Adam Hart, Nick Steel


RELEASE DATE: 8/5/2019

From the interesting moments during the exercising when both Adam and Nick intertwine in novel ways to the actual muscle worship to the oral, both guys were gentle, loving and deliberate in what they did. This translates into a boner hardening production as the two get into each other's muscles in the most erotic manner possible. Adam and Nick are amazing when they start flexing their bodies. Both have beautiful back muscles which blossom as they flex. Both have gorgeous bubble butts that, while not exactly proportionate to the rest of their bodies, are sexy as fuck. Adam has amazing bi's and tri's that really are defined as he flexes. And both have thigh size and muscularity that is truly amazing. Nick sucks Adam's huge cock and balls that eventually produce a nice cum shot from Hart. We also see a huge cum shot from Nick. Then, to wipe off the cum on their bodies, the two take a shower at the end of the video.

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