BlueJay Battles The Ripper


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CAST: Scrappy, Dimitri Darkthorn

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 5/10/2020

Sometimes Heroes gotta go at it to move up the ranks. You want to join “The League?” You better prove you got what it takes!
Bluejay and Ripper, two handsome young rookie heroes, arrive with one goal in mind: A fight to the finish to see who can join the league! Rippers overconfidence could be his destruction and Bluejay’s sweet optimism could be his downfalll.

Engaging in tests of strength, Ripper pummels the Bluejay, attacking his beautiful abs. Bluejay comes back with a beautiful head butt to Rippers giant pecs.

But then, Bluejay uses dirty tactics! Who knew? He chokes our Ripper with his own belt and filled it up with a brutal spanking! They go back and forth, bashing each other’s abs and pecs. Who can gain the upper hand!?

A low blow reveals Rippers evil intent, followed by vicious elbows to the back, stunning leg drops across the throat, and after Bluejay attempts a pitiful comeback, Ripper doubles down with a beautiful leg scissor, a figure four and a dirty beat down of Bluejays beautiful body.

Bluejay tries to get the upper hand, by stripping Ripper down to a barely there yellow bikini. An infuriated Ripper shows off that his name definitely has a double meaning: his raging urge for destruction and his beautiful, rippling muscles all over his body. It is perfection. This ignites Rippers need for revenge, getting the upper hand again and stripping the little birdie down to his own little black thong.

Back and forth these two stretch each other’s muscles to the extreme! We get a good look at every nook and cranny of their stunning bodies while they suffer. A torture rack to Bluejay!! A sleeper to Ripper!

But then, going against his heroic merit, the Bluejay ties Ripper’s shoelaces together, making Ripper an open target! Bluejay delivers an atomic wedgie to Ripper, pulling that super speedo up the most delicious bubble but we’ve ever seen!

But, Ripper gets the upper hand and returns the favor, making Bluejay scream as his own thong is jerked up his own ass, as Ripper laughs in his face.

However the comeback is short lived, as Bluejay uses his long luscious legs to trap the Ripper in a vicious leg sleeper, knocking the deliciously evil Ripper out cold!

Who will win? Good or evil!? Who will join the league!? And who gets to keep the speedos!?

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