Blackwing Consumes AC / DC


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CAST: Nino Bacci, Alex Lemonde, Michel Mattel

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton, Matt Thomas

RELEASE DATE: 7/24/2013

French Canadian bodybeautifuls, Alexandre LeMonde and Michel Mattel, generated a lot of fan mail to the Can-Am offices when they dove into a bag of sexy gear in Gear Play. LeMonde's hard driving fuck of Mattel in that video still ranks as one of Can-Am's all time sexiest ass plows. Since they love gear so much, Boss Sexton decided to reunite the pair for the spandex fantasy world of Hard Heroes, as AC & DC. And to spice things up, six packed, steel-cocked, porn god, Nino Bacci, is out to short circuit this dynamic duo as the villain, Blackwing. Breaking into Blackwing's lair, the two are trying to find his secret cream. One taste, and the victim is Blackwing's slave. Caught snooping, Blackwing subdues the two with another of his villainous formulas, and strings the two up for a good work over. Next it is time to test the cream, and the two wrestle in it and play for Blackwing's private pleasure. He even joins the fun, but learns his formula's antidote. Once the victim cums, the cream wears off. Newly energized, AC & DC string up Blackwing and work him over, leaving the villain bound and helpless. Charge yourself up, and generate your own cream, with an order of Hard Heroes Episode 3!

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