Black Rope

Muscle Bound

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CAST: Alpha Slave Blade , Alpha Slave Wader , Alpha Slave Stomper , Mike Allan , Alexandre Lemonde , Bryce Pierce , Joey Russo , Van Darkholme , Daddy Zeus , Alpha Slave Rex , Alpha Slave Magnus

DIRECTOR: Van Darkholme

RELEASE DATE: 10/29/2002

Years have gone by since White Rope. While surfing the web, Ted stumbled on Alpha Slave Marcus, a renegade slave who was banished from the House of Detention by Master Van Darkholme. Alpha Slave Marcus wasn't the obeying type so Master Van locked him away in his basement of The House. One night while surfing, our old friend Ted found the secret web access to Alpha Slave Marcus and somehow brought him into the physical world.

Being a bad seed, Alpha Slave Marcus turned on his rescuer, Ted. He then created his own House of The Marquis de Sade, and became Master Marcus. He searched for victims in Los Angeles and "scanned" them to his webspace. His goal was to capture enough slaves to destroy Master Van.

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