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CAST: Lorenzo Vargas, Lee Carington, Trayce Cannon


RELEASE DATE: 11/4/2004

"HEY ASSHOLE, ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR MEXICAN INJECTION?" shouts Tobasco-hot Lorenzo Vargas to beefcake blond Lee Carington in BIGMOUTH BRAWLERS. Boss Sexton's latest co-pro with Jet Set gets your wads with the ever popular loser-gets-fucked-in-the-lockerroom scenario. You all win, of course, depending on how MUCH you like to lose. And for you filhy raw dirty-talkers... if BIGMOUTH BRAWLERS doesn't beat aa cum shot out of you, it'll still dirty talk you off.Shot at Can-Am's L.A. studio, BIGMOUTH BRAWLERS delivers three bad mouth hot bodies for your jack-off pleasure. Golden chest haired beefybod Lee Carington, Mexican bull hunk Lorenzo Vargas. And boyish looking tightbod Trace Cannon. Starting things out, boy Trace wears blue trunks. Big Lee wears yellow-gold. And they both swap swamp talk while sizing each other up. BAM! They're at it. In the first fall, Trace submits to an arm choke and reluctantly sucks big Lee's big cock. The trunks come off in the 2nd and boy Trace crushes Lee's balls so hard he gasps.."OK, OK...I'll suck your cock!". In fall three, smaller and lighter boy Trace passes out from bigLee's choke hold and wakes up stuffed into a gym locker."You don't get out til you agree to get fucked, loser boy." The loser agrees, and yeah, Big Lee fucks boy Trace BIGtime. Then talks more filth and fucks him some more. Cum shots? Yeah, two big ones. Spluush! Spluush! All over yourself. NOW for the BIG boys. The 2nd match pits 1st match winner Lee against mucho macho manbait Lorenzo Vargas...and the BIGMOUTH BRAWLERS' mouths get even filther. BAM! They're at it!Buldging out of gold lycra short shorts in fall one...Lorenzo is forced to suck cock after submitting to Lee's neck breaker. It's 2nd fall payback when Lee is forced to choke down Lorenzos' deliciously engorged chorisso. Who wins? Who gets fucked? Is it plowing time for Lee's sweat wet golden haired ass, or Lorenzo's sweet stinkin' Mexi-hole? Go ahead. Dirty talk and beat your meat til the end. Because no matter who gets fucked, you know Boss Sexton always sees to it that you horny cocksucking, butt fucking, son-of-a-....Available in VHS & DVD immediately.

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