Big Boy Mat Attack

Can-Am Productions

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CAST: Gunnar, Austin Cooper

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 8/22/2020

Holy Shit. We open on the god-like Gunnar, wearing a black bikini that practically lives up his ass! He is giving us a posing session that will have your mouth watering.

Enter Austin in a blue speedo, offering his own muscle show, his abs, glistening in the sunshine!

The two trash talk for a bit, before Gunnar challenges Austin to arm wrestling!! Austin tries to cheat by throwing his whole body into it, but Gunnar crushes him. Austin takes the second round, fair and square... sort of.

Afterwords, the two decide to take each other in a Test of Strength. They both prove equally strong, Gunnar’s muscle against Austin’s technique!

The two start the real wrestling, going back and forth in vicious submission holds. Body and Head scissors! Bearhugs! Back stretches! These two musclemen go back and forth and it’s never clear who the winner is gonna be! But Gunnar’s temper is on fire and Austin is level headed and looking for the edge!

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