BG Wrestling

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CAST: Damien Bradford, Michael Reuter, Sean Cannon


RELEASE DATE: 11/18/2015

DAMIEN BRADFORD This little package of muscled dynamite shows off his physical attributes in this Muscle Showcase solo video. From posing, being felt up by the Magic Hands, to appearing in different kinds of gear accompanied by posing, to a jackoff of his huge cock, to a shower, to dressing - ending with a post production farewell. Damien Bradford was hell on the mat, giving no quarter to his freestyle wrestling opponents. He was never beaten, whether his opponent was his own size or much bigger. MICHAEL REUTER When the video camera opens up on those beautiful baby blues of 21 yo Michael Reuter, your first inclination may be to dive into them and experience firsthand what lies behind. Since that is totally impossible you will have to let BG`s camera and your own eyes feast on one of the most delicious young muscleboys BG has ever taped. He is one of Hollywood`s free spirits who does what he wants when he wants to do it. His personality radiates; he`s magnetic. We feature Michael exercising “Petey” (his cock) in a standing J/O. A shower and a finale-romp at the beach close an extended visit with this cutie. SEAN CANNON Blond hair, blue eyes, handsome face, chiseled pecs, washboard abs; this young man has it all. BG combined a photo session with a video production. In the background you will hear the photographer giving Sean instructions on what poses he would like to see. And when the photographer finishes, the “Magic Hands” play with Sean`s attributes. The “Hands” even induce a big cum shot. Sweet!

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