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CAST: Jungle Stud, Stony Biggs, Vinnie Rey, Rich Davis, Sean Patrick, The California Kid, Clayton Titus


RELEASE DATE: 7/23/2008

BOUT #1: JUNGLE STUD VS. "C.D." with Vinnie Rey as C.D.'s second and Buddy Justice as the referee. Vinnie Rey advanced the notion to us that C.D. wanted to kick the Jungle Stud's ass. After seeing C.D.'s physique and experiencing his aggressive personality we thought it might make an interesting matchup. Vinnie accompanies C.D. into the ring.

BOUT #2: JUNGLE STUD VS. RICH DAVIS AND SEAN PATRICK Rich Davis: 5'7",155#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 31 yo. Sean Patrick: 5'7",160#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 23 yo. The Jungle Stud's tag team partner didn't show, so we offered to postpone the match. The Jungle Stud's answer, "I'm large and in charge. I'm going to rip off their fuckin' heads and shit down their necks!" The Jungle Stud, in other words, was willing to take on both Davis and Patrick. We stuffed both grapplers in the smallest posing briefs that could be found, so the crotch and ass visuals are what you'd usually expect from Can-Am. This is a very exciting match featuring some great wrestling and high drama.

BOUT #3: JUNGLE STUD VS. THE CALIFORNIA KID California Kid: 5'11",180#, Blond hair, Blue eyes, 33 yo. The California Kid looks like the "ultimate physique ripped blond California surfer". But he's much more than that. In fact he's quite the wrestling find. Self assured, talented, good looking, loves to show off and be the center of attention. This is an amazing match with a rookie coming from out of nowhere to fight toe to toe with a champion. You dream of matches like this.

BOUT #4: JUNGLE STUD VS. CLAYTON TITUS Clayton Titus: 6'1", 180#, Brn Hair, Green Eyes, 22 yo. Clayton returns from his debut in Latex Meltdown: Clayton wears yellow trunks and black boots. He is one gorgeous hunk of handsome muscle. To see his trim and defined physique in a wrestling context is grapplin' eye candy at it's best. And in a crush job such as the one the Jungle Stud puts on this rookie, its wrestlin' visual yum yum time!

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