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RELEASE DATE: 12/7/2009

Never had BG seen such an intensity of mutual attraction as when these two first laid eyes on each other. It was raw sexual energy all the way. At the opening, we see Romeo go through his warm-up routine. Notice his great flexibility in his acrobatics and stretching. When the bell rings and the two wrestlers charge at each other, it isn’t long before the 20-year-old French-Canadian, Danny Brown, goes for Romeo sexually. He goes for the ass, the balls, but he seems super interested in Romeo’s gorgeous ass. He slaps it continuously, sniffs it, and buries his nose (and perhaps tongue) in it. Romeo is bigger than Danny, and at times he seems amused by what Danny is trying to do. But in time Romeo succumbs to Danny’s raw sexual aggressive energy. Both wrestlers pull at each other’s trunks. The trunks slide first this way, then that way. Balls, cocks and asses hang out. Eventually the two want to do BG’s first oil match. The baby oil comes out. The two love spreading the oil on each other’s bodies. The trunks come off all the way. The wrestling is playful now, emotionally charged. The ending is interesting. Danny gets Romeo to admit he’s a submissive. Danny places and then rubs his bare foot all over Romeo’s chest. Romeo grabs his cock and starts jacking it. Danny assists in bringing Romeo off to a roaring climax.

As Justice removes his red wrestling jacket, Cannon attacks him from behind. Justice actually falls victim to Cannon in the first fall with a humiliating leg and crotch spread roll-up. Justice seems to be fighting Cannon and someone watching on the sidelines at the same time. He continually interrupts his match, points his finger, and yells some choice words at his taunter – who turns out to be Raw Deal. This leads to one hell of a ring fight (appears in Arena 6 and will appear down the road in a future Best of Area DVD). Meanwhile Buddy Justice takes good care of Sean Cannon in the second and third falls. Mostly a squash job in these falls with occasional Cannon comebacks.

BOUT 3: BRIAN BAXTER VS. TROY ANDREWS Two out of three falls.
This is a true Hollywood Muscleboy matchup. Both wrestlers are well muscled, good looking, and from Hollywood. Brian’s sense of humor is working overtime. It’s designed to get the goat of his opponent by insulting and belittling him in a funny way. Brian is also good at working the crowd. He does all these things with polish and flair. Troy tries to stick to wrestling and ignore Brian’s verbal taunts. But it’s hard to do when Brian does such things as trunk pulling, wedging and ass slapping. Yet the wrestling is good give and take pro action. At the end of the first fall, which Brian wins, he forces Troy to say, “I give up SIR”! Troy manages to win the second with a body tipping crotch-spread cradle. Baxter seems to relish the crowd’s attention and plays off it well in the third fall. Andrews suffers grandly but gets in occasional licks. This entire bout is very visually stimulating and BG thinks you find the wrestling and verbal interchange a real turn-on.

We are talking about a full out competitive mat match here! At the first clash it’s Randsome with his arms around Wallace’s torso as both are on their knees. Randsome looks up and smiles a satisfied look of dominance. But that smile is wiped off his face as Wallace’s legs slowly scissor Randsome into helplessness. In less than 3 minutes Randsome has submitted. He comes out in the second round with much greater respect for Wallace’s talent. At the top of the second fall Scott manages to get behind Bass and brings him to the mat in a kind of a headlock. But it isn’t long before Randsome again is suffering in one of Wallace’s dangerous body scissor holds. And he suffers for a long time. He eventually manages to turn Wallace over and they struggle in the ropes with Bass continuing to hold Randsome locked in the scissors. In order to regain total dominance Bass reaches up with his hands and clamps on to both of Randsome’s big meaty pecs. Between this pec clamp and the scissors, Randsome falls over on to his back. A little more struggle and Wallace shifts his scissors to Randsome’s head. He pours on enormous pressure and it isn’t long before Scott Randsome is submitting. Randsome, the 19 year old teenage bodybuilder contest winner who thought he could outmuscle a top wrestler, finds quite the reverse. He goes down to the strength in Bass Wallace’s legs. Pretty respectable considering the 30 lb weight advantage held by Randsome. Both wrestlers wear purple trunks and both grapple barefoot.

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