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RELEASE DATE: 1/7/2009

When Buddy Justice enters the ring with his face frozen in seriousness, he realizes that in Johnny Rocket he is confronting his biggest challenge to date in keeping his new BG Wrestling title. Justice appears in all white: trunks and boots. Rocket appears in green trunks and black boots. Rocket wastes no time in showing Justice what he thinks of him. Backed into the ring ropes, Justice suffers a knee to the gut, and a body slam. He’s bent over double, then suplexed. This match is off to a wild start. But Buddy is not a wrestling champion for nothing. He lays into Rocket with his own heavy artillery. Later in the bout Justice tries for a submission with his special hold, but Rocket powers and punches out, one of the few to escape this particular Justice submission. Four to five more times Justice gets Rocket in submission holds only to be told “NO” to give-up demands. Finally, trapped in a very tough head scissors, Justice finally hears a submission. In this fall there are flying dropkicks, more body slams, scissors, great comebacks and superb give and take. These wrestlers are very evenly matched. The 2nd Fall is all Rocket, as he controls virtually the entire fall with his own extreme viciousness including punching, elbowing, attacking Justice limb by limb, concentrating on the upper thigh muscles. It’s almost a one sided squash as Rocket easily wins the 2nd fall. Can Justice now survive a 3rd? A determined Buddy Justice comes out of his corner and smashes Rocket with a flying dropkick, then a monkey flip, and a suplex. Rocket comes back with one of the most powerful body slams BG has ever witnessed, and so it goes from there, a long 3rd fall. When Justice slaps on a figure-four leg lock on his opponent, it appears to be curtains for Rocket. But when it is reversed, BG begins to wonder whether it will be Justice who gives up. This scenario continues back and forth until both of them are yelling at each other, in extreme pain, to submit before legs are broken. Who will make the other submit? (There is a wonderful wedgie in this production that showcases Johnny’s sweet butt beautifully)

BG normally doesn’t like collegiate freestyle wrestling all that much, being a Pro man himself, but when two wrestlers who are as muscled and handsome as these two get in the ring, well who couldn’t like it? To go 15 minutes plus in an all-out freestyle match to submission is a testimonial to the conditioning of these two. Both are very knowledgeable wrestlers. It will all boil down to who is the more knowledgeable and who best can use leverage to their advantage. Truly, you do not know who is going to win until the very last.

When this match was videotaped, Rocky was working as a logger in Western Oregon. He had kicked around doing a number of different jobs including that of a male strip dancer in Southern California. A well-known movie producer who is no longer with us brought him to BG’s attention. One trait BG noticed in the very good-looking, razor defined Rocky Waters was his high level of energy. John Jay, 18 yo, freshly from Texas, is opposite of Waters. Jay is really very laid back. Waters is the kind of wrestler who loves big dramatic moves including lots of aerial action. He doesn’t always perform them gracefully, but you do look forward to what he might do next. He also likes to aggravate his opponents with special annoyances like sternum poking. There is some corner post match action with Waters hanging up Jay and punching his abs. Jay collapses in a heap, probably regretting the day he agreed to engage in his bout against Waters. There is a crowd present and they love Waters action.

Ever since Dave Roslin made his debut in Hollywood Muscleboy Wrestling 3, he has been very popular with BG customers. For his 2nd bout he is being matched against Bryan Walsh – as experienced a pro wrestler as exists in BG Wrestling. But even Bryan is shocked by what Dave does to him in the opening seconds of the bout, leading him to say, “I guess I underestimated you, didn’t I?” A new respect for Roslin and no more Bryan Walsh mistakes in this first fall. By the time Roslin ends up stretched across Walsh’s broad muscular shoulders shouting out his submission in the first fall, he has experienced a good wrestling lesson. But Dave also learns. He shifts strategy and attacks Walsh with some big moves. He first tries to bearhug Walsh into submission. Walsh doesn’t give up, but he’s weakened. Roslin next lifts Walsh overhead and slams him to the mat. This now makes Bryan Walsh a target for one of the sweatiest, most painful ab stretches ever seen in BG Wrestling. The bout is now even, 1-1. Can Dave Roslin as a relative rookie, albeit with some great wrestling capability, overcome Bryan’s experience and occasional dirty shots? For those into post fall humiliation, check this one out.

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