BG Wrestling

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RELEASE DATE: 7/29/2012

BOUT 1: SEAN DICKSON VS. DON VINCENTSean Dickson is a total top and it shows. Don Vincent is the wrestling bottom throughout this Battling Briefs matchup. He tries to grab a hold and keep it, but fails. The bout is extremely erotic and both go on to suck each other’s huge cocks and jackoff to a satisfying cumshot. One fall to an erotic finish.BOUT 2: CHAZ CARLTON VS. TONY MONROEChaz is taller, heavier, but not more muscular. Tony is cutup muscled as few are. Yet Chaz dominates Tony totally. Chaz loves spanking Tony’s butt, and putting him in a variety of holds. Nudity. J/O ending.BOUT 3: JOHN ST. JAMES VS. MIGUEL RAMOSMiguel is very muscular; St. James is cutup muscled. St. James clearly has the wrestling hold knowledge as he shoves Ramos around and puts him in wrestling holds at will. This is a non-nude competitive freestyle bout. At one point St. James laments that Ramos is giving him no competition at all, so he continues to dominate throughout.BOUT 4: SCOTT DAVIS VS. ERIK KNIGHTVery few wrestlers can beat Scott Davis, but Erik Knight is one of the few to put up a good battle against the accomplished wrestler. Scott has a few holds he does well: headlock, scissors are two of them. He continually tries to get Erik to submit to one of these, but Erik battles his way out of every attempt. Davis’s advantage is stamina. Erik has it for awhile, but he finally begins to wear out. It is at that moment that Davis takes advantage and the submissions follow. Nudity and J/O.

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