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CAST: Rod Hammer, Marcus, Eric Sinclair, Rocco Valentino, T.J. Brooks, Sabastien Stone, Paul Stefano


RELEASE DATE: 6/11/2010

Filmed entirely on location in Toronto, "BARE-ASSED CANADIAN HARD-ON STRIP DANCERS" features seven fantasyman strip solos all the way down to nude hard-ons. Some of these hotbodies will be familiar to you because they are also a part of the Can-Am wrestling stable. STRIPSTUD #1 Bodybuilder Rod Hammer, 26, 5`8", 180, blue eyed, brown haired "Metropolitan Police Officer." STRIPSTUD #2 First time stripper Marcus, 21, 6`3", 210, blue eyes, blond hair, in jean cut-offs and jacket. STRIPSTUD #3 Eric Sinclair, 24, 5`6", 165, green eyed, brown haired "Universal Soldier." STRIPSTUD #4 Rocco Valentino, 22, 5`10", 192, green eyed, brown haired "Officer and Gentleman." STRIPSTUD #5 T.J. Brooks, 23, 5`11", 180, green eyes, brown hair performing a live fire strip. STRIPSTUD #6 Bodybeautiful Sabastien Stone, 26, 5`11", 195, brown eyes, brown hair, stripping out of a gold tux and top hat. STRIPSTUD #7 First time stripper Paul Stefano, 21, 5`9", brown eyes, brown hair, stripping out of jeans and a plaid shirt. These seven stripstuds work up a sweat and take it all off for your personal entertainment. Let`s give the boys a hand... or two.

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