Bailando Tango

Latin Heat Productions

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CAST: Max Schutler, Lucas, Juan Pablo, Bruno, Michael, Nacho Navas, Pierre, Romario, Tobias

DIRECTOR: Chad Donovan

RELEASE DATE: 5/21/2008

How would one describe someone with a really large dick? "Well-hung"? Doesn't begin to do it. "Mega-hung?" That's closer, but it still falls far short of describing the amazing sexual performer Romario in BAILANDO TANGO, the new film GAYVN Hall of Fame Director Chad Donovan recently shot in Argentina. " Chokingly humongous" comes close. The title of this four scene movie, featuring nine handsome, smoothly muscular, hot and hung young men, technically means "Dancing the Tango", but the dance they do is mostly around each other and the city of Buenos Aires. Jet Set Men presents this Latin Heat Production. LATINOLICIOUS and BRAZILIAN OUTBACK were the first titles from Latin Heat.

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