BG Wrestling

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CAST: Brian Baxter, Buck Gibson, Buddy Justice, John Adonis English, Johnny Panther, Kid Leopard, Raw Deal, Ricardo Quintana


RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2015

Bout 1: Buck Gibson vs. Johnny Panther - Looking like a cross between a Hollywood Blond, a Beachboy and a Punk Rocker, Johnny confidently enters the ring ready for his match against Black MuscleMan, Buck Gibson. Panther is a very aggressive and knowledgeable wrestler. He has a lot to overcome in Gibson`s weight and height advantage, but as you`ll see the two wrestlers engage in a lot of give `n take, splitting the first two falls. The final fall is a tooth and nail engagement, until Gibson makes a fatal mistake. Panther pounces and before Gibson knows what has hit him, he`s submitting to the special Panther "killer surfboard". Appropriate?

Bout 2: Ricardo Quintana vs. John "Adonis" English - from Australia has come "The Adonis". >From parts unknown has come Quintana. You have never, ever, seen a wrestler quite like Quintana. He plays to his audience and camera as much as he gives his attention to his opponent. It`s almost like he`s in a wrestling ballet. If it wasn`t for his thorough knowledge of wrestling holds and his fantastic gymnastic/aerial ability, he would be "Adonis toast". But as it is you get the feeling that he can put away "The Adonis" any time he wants. And he does! But it takes him 3 falls.

Bout 3: Kid Leopard vs. Brian Baxter - Brian was one of the hottest bodied and gamest wrestlers ever to show up at the BG wrestling doorstep. Everyone wanted to wrestle him. And why not? What a body! What a face! And what a performer! Kid Leopard gets his chance in this bout. This isn`t the easiest bout that the Kid has ever been in, but as you`ll see, he is sure having fun. The two split the first two falls with Baxter`s height and weight giving him an advantage. His strength carries him to a 2nd fall victory with an upside down bearhug that Kid Leopard struggles for a long time to avoid submission. When Baxter goes for the kill in the 3rd fall with a front bearhug, what will Kid Leopard do now to survive?

Bout 4: Buddy Justice vs. Raw Deal - the fact that Raw Deal is Kid Leopard`s brother, and the fact that Kid Leopard is witnessing this bout, has both wrestlers clearly at odds with the other. A brawl takes place in the locker room prior to the match, and a brawl ensues outside the ring after the match. Lots of hot wrestlers intervene to cool things down including Kid Leopard and Sean Cannon. This is BG Wrestling at its most brutal!

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