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CAST: Buddy Justice, California Ripper, John Borsos, John St. James, Thom Katt, Tommy Lopez, Tony Davis


RELEASE DATE: 8/14/2015

BOUT 1: THOM KATT VS. THE CALIFORNIA RIPPER This is as nasty, as low-down and dirty a match as BG has ever presented. From the moment the camera catches the California Ripper shredding his T-shirt from his spectacular body in preparation for crushing the lighter-weight arch-villain, Thom Katt, you know this is going to be a dead serious matchup. He attacks Katt, manhandling, slapping his chest and ass. At one point he grabs his hair, shows him to the camera, and flexes his right bicep – all at the same time. Katt doesn`t care for this showboating at all. He shows his displeasure by boldly grabbing the Ripper`s balls and in a long, slow bit of enforced agony brings the Ripper slowly to the mat on his stomach. And, if you can believe it, it just gets nastier from here. At the end of two falls, it is 1-1. The third fall is a lot more of the same – muscle, abuse, low blows, claw holds – in short, wrestling mayhem! Nudity. BOUT 2: JOHN BORSOS VS. JOHN ST. JAMES This is a great one-fall matchup featuring two skilled grapplers in the art of freestyle wrestling. The endurance of both is amazing. This tough, long, grueling match tests both wrestlers to the extreme. Borsos has St. James immobilized through much of the match with his favorite hold, the scissors. But St. James will not give up. And he comes back with a hold, forcefully applied, that gets his submission and win. BOUT 3: BUDDY JUSTICE VS. TOMMLY LOPEZ Buddy`s wrestling debut with BG. Buddy may look like the young, clean-cut, choir-boy type grappler, but he is anything but. Under that handsome exterior lurks a driven, intense young man. Tommy Lopez does not roll over for Justice, and gives as good as he gets. The give and take and the body punching between these two in the first fall is remarkable, until a well placed shot to Tommy`s nuts gives an advantage to Justice which leads to Lopez`s submission to a boston crab. Tommy manages a second fall victory with a tough leg full nelson, but it`s very hard road getting there. The two go at it, give and take. Justice can really take it, but boy can he give it. It`s all-out grappling in the third fall as both wrestlers badly want a victory. BOUT 4: TOMMY LOPEZ VS. TONY DAVIS A BG Wrestling Special. A jockstrap/oil combination matchup. One wrestler oils the other. Hot! At one point Tommy gives Tony`s jock a good yank and his cock and balls spill out the side. Lopez removes Tony`s jock and literally chokes him with it – that is until his opponent “cries uncle”. This is a match that foreshadowed BG`s “Oil Wrestling” videos several years later. Nudity/JO.

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