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CAST: Vic Silver, Brian Cade, Steve Sterling, Robert Carroll, Scott Randsome, Randy Donner, Chris Wayne, Vince Channing


RELEASE DATE: 6/23/2011

Vic Silver: 5'7”, 190#, Black hair, Brown Eyes, 34yo
Brian Cade: 6'1”, 205#, Brown hair, Hazel Eyes, 24yo
Vic Silver specializes in destroying big boys, but for some reason Vic at the start of this bout is very shy about how he is going to handle thiis big boy. Brian Cade is “Big Beef on the Hoof” and very strong. BG assumes that since he was a complete unknown to Vic, Vic was treating him cautiously. However, as you will see later on, Vic overcomes his caution and goes on to completely destroy big Brian. Brian appears in blue trunks and red boots. Vic wears red trunks and black boots. With his shaved head, Vic's muscularity is big, powerful, and ripped. Vic soon finds out that Brian is a fairly inexperienced rookie and so doesn't have too much of a problem obtaining a first fall victory with a figure four leg lock. Brian is one of those wrestlers who doesn't say much while he is on the mat, but listen to that pain come rolling out of his mouth when Vic slaps on that figure-four in earnest. In the second fall Vic finds out that he was right to treat big Brian with some caution. Brian puts Vic in a series of bear hugs, which makes for a “cliffhanger” type fall. You wonder how it will all end. Vic keeps getting out of them and then trying to reverse the tide of action, which is running against him. It is an impossible tide however because Brian just keeps coming back to the hold that is working for him. Vic is finally and simply crushed into submission. At the start of the third fall Brian goes for the gold. He goes for what works for him. The bear hug! Desperately Vic maneuvers himself so he can rake Brian's eyeballs before he's too far gone or lost too much strength to even mount that maneuver. It works. Brian is temporarily derailed and then through Vic Silver's continuing assault, permanently derailed. A thorough and complete rope choke takes all the stuffing out of Brian. From there it is a fairly easy proposition to trash Brian Cade all the way to a sleeper.
Steve Sterling: 5'6”, 190#, Brown hair, Brown eyes, 24yo
Robert Carroll: 5'10”, 175# Black hair, Brown eyes, 26yo
Robert's six-pack abs, cut pec slabs, muscular legs, defined/sexy lower back muscles and an ass of death – this all combines to create one of those sexy genetically great muscled bodies that we all love to see squashed. And Steve Sterling rises to the occasion. To see Robert's muscularity bounced around the ring, being continuously trashed is a wonderful site for fans of squash jobs. From bearhugs to body slams to stomach punching, Robert Carroll is subjected to it all.
Scott Randsome: 5'8”, 180#, Blond hair, Brown eyes, 21yo
Randy Donner: 5'10”, 185#, Blond hair, Blue eyes, 22yo

A Squash Job. Two straight falls for Randsome over the blond, blue eye. Randy looks like a rookie; very vulnerable looking in orange trunks with white boots. Scott bounces Randy around the ring fairly easily and goes on to take the first fall with a Boston crab. At the top of the second fall Scott grabs Randy into a torso lock, he continues with a choke, then a step over toehold. Rope choke, a bear hug, and other aggressive maneuvers keep Randy totally under Randsome's control. At one point Scott had Randy in a head scissors. Scott leans back on the mat and folds his hands on his washboard abs, while muscular, hapless Randy squirms in pain. Scott's body language says it all! He's in charge. A surfboard ends Randy's pain, suffering and humiliation. BG hasn't seen him since.
Chris Wayne: 5'7”, 166#, Brown hair, Hazel yes, 19yo
Vince Channing: 5'10”, 185#, Brown hair, Hazel eyes, 32yo

Two more aggressive and crazy-type wrestlers you will not find. Both are very off the wall types. BG knew going into this match that with two nutty-ass wrestlers such as these one could expect the unexpected. One thing for sure: This match is wild with a capital “W”! Chris hardly looks like a wild kind of guy, surely not next to Vince Channing who could scare even mental patients with his crazy look. But don't be fooled. Chris is one of the Wild Boys Tag Team who has appeared in some of the BG Hollywood Wrestling videos. He's very tough and willing to slug it out with the best. This is a very verbal, very loud bout, as both not only are trying to physically trash the other, but verbally as well. Both beat each other up unmercifully in a very give ‘n take bout. Chris loses in two straight falls, but he sure doesn't make it easy for Vince. Chris is a sore loser. Look what he does after he has given up the 2nd and final fall.

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