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RELEASE DATE: 7/29/2012

Many of you have asked for more of this gorgeous hunk named Dave Roslyn – so here he is appearing in a very brief pale yellow bikini, not too tight so his big pouch hangs down loose and heavy with all its contents clearly defined. He also wears white wrestling boots. His body is tanned and more muscular than ever. Dave Roslyn is definitely one of the best looking guys ever to step into the BG arena. His opponent for this match is the rowdy Raw Deal. His swaggering entrance implies that he plans to give short shrift to his pretty-boy opponent. Boy is he in for a big surprise! Roslyn has obviously been hitting the mats for he comes out strong with a series of moves, which befuddle and topple the Deal. Roslyn keeps up his skillful assault even in the face of some low-down abuse. Roslyn wins this match in two out of three falls. But Raw Deal is anything but a good winner. Nonetheless Roslyn survives and comes back to give Raw Deal a taste of his own medicine. This match has some hot below-the-belt action plus a post-match beating outside the ring, which continues right into the locker room.

Derrick James has a beautifully and near perfectly defined lean musculature with practically 0% body fat, phenomenal abs, a great ass and super overall proportions. What's more this guy is a terrific wrestler and comes to the sport the way BG likes them best – out of a passion for wrestling. He demonstrates his athletic prowess with a hot acrobatic warm-up, the sweat dripping down his chest into his trunks. His opponent makes a flamboyant entrance with Raw Deal as his second. TNT looks very sexy, suntanned, wearing a brief blue speedo and this time choosing to wrestle barefoot. At first Derrick tosses the cocky little punk all over the ring but quickly falls victim to some very rough and sexy abuse while draped over the lower ropes. But Derrick James is no job-boy, not by a long shot and Horrigan's brazen antics get him fired up for his revenge. TNT is subjected to one of the hottest series of head scissors we've seen in a long time. But payback, as they say, is a bitch, and soon the rookie with the bubble butt finds his own pretty face vised between a set of hot thighs. This is some very hot mat action between two very talented lightweights. Derrick James is a very savvy and a tough mat wrestler. The question is, can his ring know-how and tight muscularity and excellent aerobic conditioning overcome TNT's badass attacks and ring craftiness. Great action and many, many hot submission holds. Sweat city! Two excellent lightweights showing how it should be done. Scissor fans alert! You will love this match.

Wild Thing bounds into the ring, with background music playing, wearing brief and very sheer purple trunks with blue wrestling boots. Bryan wears a very brief pale green bikini, which highlights that phenomenal butt. But it's the Wild Thing who makes the first move. He flies into a spectacular leap burying his ample crotch in Bryan's face and bringing him down to the mat. The big pro didn't take too kindly to this and soon the Wild Thing was being tossed around the ring by his lovely blond tresses. The Wild Thing is a wild man in the ring and shows some real promise. But he's in there with a seasoned pro and soon Mr. Thing is getting his pretty ass pummeled from pillar to post. He's a daredevil with lots of energy, taking big risks, which often lead to taking a big beating. And if you happen to have a special affinity for a backbreaker across the shoulders, this match will be submission heaven for you. He's dumped to the mat to grovel and crawl in a heap of agony, then hauled up by his hair and hoisted up into the same pain-racking hold. A supremely sweaty, sexy battle ending up in a long wet pin.

Pete's way over his head in this one against a guy who cares nothing about formality or mat courtesy. He's out to defeat and destroy the other guy – and not necessarily in that order! CJ is all over Pete right from the start in an attack, which is rough and aggressive. It looks like it's going to be a shooter squash job until, out of combination of fear, frustration and anger Pete gets a head scissors. He knows he better make it good or he might not get a second chance. CJ is mean and hot and obviously wants to beat the shit out of Pete. He takes Pete's best shots, hanging in there biding his time, sucking up the pain, until an opening presents itself or Pete tires. He nails Pete with a nasty fist and then clamps on a mean body scissors of his own, telling Pete to submit by tapping the mat. Not satisfied with the first submission, he makes Pete suffer and submit again. “Tap out three times” he insists, then angling him to the camera for our close inspection he growls “slap it six.” This last features a beautiful crotch shot of the suffering loser, tapping out in obvious agony. HOT! They come back for another fall and Pete tries his best to even things up with a body scissors of his own, but CJ seems oblivious to pain, even reveling in it. CJ clamps a head scissors on Pete and it looks like curtains, but Pete survives to come back with one of his own. CJ escapes briefly, but gets caught again. CJ finally looks to be in trouble but Pete's legs give out before CJ does. Now it's just a matter of time before the spider spins his web around his prey. An excellent freestyle matchup.

Terry is one of the lightest of the BG lightweights but that handicap doesn't faze him in the least. While he would prefer to take on guys close to his own weight class, he'll lock up with anyone who'll step onto the mats. Brent Denton is both taller and heavier but he's up against a young feisty fighter who can take the heat and weasel his way out of predicament after predicament. Terry wears a brief red bikini and Brent's in blue. Both are barefoot. Terry gets a very sexy double leg grapevine and it looks like fall one is his, but Brent muscles his way out. He tries to score with a tight body scissors. Brent wants this victory. You can see it in the determination on his face. He's been mostly on the losing end in his previous BG outings and would love to have his hand raised, especially over a smaller, young opponent. Terry is in the same position, hungry for a notch in the victory column. This is a very feisty, evenly matched mat battle with lots of ass slapping, legs spreads, full nelsons, and scissors. A long-held head scissors/back hammer combo decides the winner in this medium-paced shoot.

Our first image of this match is of a cute, nicely built scruffy blond who fills out his brief bright yellow speedo very handsomely. Maybe he's got what it takes. Hope springs eternal. Enter Damien Bradford, who with brutal precision has laid waste to everyone who has stepped up to the mat to face him. He's an awesome sight! That spectacularly muscled framed poured into a very hot red and yellow bikini, which can barely contain his perfectly round muscled butt. His abs are in high relief. He's the lean mean machine. As with all Damien Bradford bouts, this one is no-nonsense, all business right from the get-go. He is supremely confident, arrogant, tough, rough and ripped. When the action starts and the challenger's lack of skill, stamina and conditioning become evident, we know it's just a matter of time. Damien slowly destroys Allan Lee, clamping on one sleeper variation after another, dumping him to the mat when he starts to sag, releasing him before he goes out. He scares and softens his quarry, toying and playing with the blond haired boy at his leisure and at his pleasure. He knew from the start that this pretty blond thing is his for the taking, and he's gonna take him when he's good and ready. In the end a nasty body scissors/sleeper combo does the mean trick.

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