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RELEASE DATE: 2/6/2014

BOUT 1: BUDDY JUSTICE VS. BUCK GIBSONTwo out of three falls. Even though Justice is giving away some 30 lbs as well as taking on a very rough wrestler, BG knows that Gibson will be leaving the ring at the end of this bout with his share of marks as well. Both wrestlers are rough and tough and usually leave no stone unturned to gain a victory. Gibson takes advantage of his extra brawn at the opening of the match by bear hugging his blond, blue-eye opponent. Buck then hurls him across the ring. Justice manages to get away, and both are now on their feet. With the crowd on hand Gibson has established himself as the villain to beat. But for Justice it gets worse before it gets better. He’s ball squeezed, ass slapped, punched, and trunk wedged. Justice has his first fall moments, including a vicious knee to Gibson’s balls, but Buddy eventually submits to a neck stretch. Justice is out for blood in the second fall. Nasty stuff includes a punch to Gibson’s gut, a throw, a bulldog, a head butt, knees to the stomach and a pile driver. This sets up Buck for a surfboard submission, but Buck powers out. It’s touch and go as to whether or not Buddy can take the second fall, but he eventually does. This sets up a winner take all third, and it does get vicious. BOUT 2: RAW DEAL VS. RICK VILLANOVAOne fall to the finish! If you like burly, hairy guys who really look like wrestlers, Rick Villanova is your cup of tea. But he’s up against Raw Deal. And if you know Raw Deal you know that poor Rick, after some initial wrestling success, is in for one violent squash job. BOUT 3: KID LEOPARD VS. SEAN CANNONTwo out of three falls if you can believe it. The moment he saw blond, blue-eyed Sean Cannon, the Kid, visiting Los Angeles with his brother Raw Deal from BG East, got a monster hard-on, which is quite evident when he enters the ring. What is that in his trunks? A log? Nope! The real deal! After a couple of Irish whips and a stretch against a surprised Leopard, the Kid stomps Cannon’s face and squash jobs his way to a first fall victory. But it’s the second fall where Cannon surprisingly shines. He stuns all present with a big upset victory. And at the top of the 3rd he whips a still stunned and not yet fully recovered Leopard into the corners three times. He then Irish whips the Kid to the mat. Can Cannon pull off an upset? BOUT 4: BRIAN BAXTER VS. TROY ANDREWSTwo out of three falls. Brian’s sense of humor is working overtime. It’s designed to get the goat of his opponent by insulting and belittling him in a funny way. Brian is also good at working the crowd in attendance. He does all these things with polish and flair. Troy tries to stick to wrestling and ignore Brian’s verbal taunts. But it’s hard to do when Brian does such things as trunk pulling, wedging and ass slapping. Yet the wrestling is good give and take pro action. At the end of the first fall, which Brian wins, he forces Troy to say, “I give up SIR”! Troy manages to win the second with a body tipping crotch-spread cradle. Baxter seems to relish the crowd’s attention and plays off it well in the third fall. Andrews suffers grandly but gets in occasional licks, too. This entire bout is very visually stimulating and BG thinks you find the wrestling and verbal interchange a real turn-on. BOUT 5: COREY SIMPSON AND JASON WARDYou will find out in this match how really versatile a wrestler is Jason Ward. Besides his ability to do pro in other matches in this Arena series, Jason is a very good amateur wrestler with good staying power. This is good because he has a major challenge on his hands against Corey Simpson, who in his younger years made the California State finals on his high school wrestling team. Since then he went on to be one of the hottest properties in adult films AKA Andrew Michaels. This bout is a vigorous, action packed, suspenseful freestyle wrestling bout in which both go all out for victory. When Corey gets Jason in a good hold he says, “Give up!” Jason says, “No!” Corey says, “Sooner or later you will.” From there until the end of the bout both try to get the other to give up a number of times. Asking is frequent. No’s are the rule. But, in sheer frustration, one of these wrestlers resorts to a very underhanded tactic to win. He wraps his hand around his opponent’s balls for a good squeeze, combining this nasty tactic with a very rough submission hold. This is one of the best competitive freestyle matches ever videotaped by BG.

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