BG Wrestling

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CAST: Buddy Justice, Danny Brown, John Jay, John St. James, Kevin Armstrong, Kid Leopard, Michael Loring, Rocky Waters, Thom Katt, Tony Davis


RELEASE DATE: 9/1/2014

BOUT 1: TONY DAVIS VS. THOM KATT Tony Davis, 20 yo, wearing blue trunks says on camera while pointing a finger at his opponent Khatt, “I`m gonna kick his ass! Khatt, for his part, in a very relaxed state, says, “You know who I am. You know what I`m going to do to him”. But a very aggressive Davis who does kick his ass in the first fall thwarts Khatt`s goal. But never count Khatt out. He comes roaring back in the second. The verbal battle between these two is every bit as interesting as the wrestling. When Khatt applies a torturous back bending surfboard and tells Davis, “I`ll break your fuckin` back if you don`t submit, asshole!” Tony, not wanting to spend the rest of his life at a chiropractor, does the wise thing. Khatt`s 3rd fall strategy is to wear Davis out. He does this through the turtle position, challenging Davis to turn him over, a Klassic Khatt defensive wrestling posture. Tire Tony out, and then take him. This ends up as a no-holds-barred naked match with erotic overtones. Don`t miss the exciting cumclusion. BOUT 2: DANNY BROWN VS. JOHN ST. JAMES If you like your wrestlers young, lighter weight, good looking and aggressive, then you`ll enjoy 18 yo John St. James, long curly blond hair, wearing a yellow thong going up against 22 yo French Canadian Danny Brown, wearing a red thong. John has strong amateur wrestling skills and Danny, with no wrestling formal wrestling training, is naturally aggressive with good instincts for holds and balance. Plus he doesn`t like losing. This is aggressive barefoot freestyle wrestling that goes a full two out of three falls. BOUT 3: A BG WRESTLING STORY STARRING: KID LEOPARD, THOM KATT AND KEVIN ARMSTRONG. Kid Leopard is working out with weights. Thom Katt sashays over to the weight area and deliberately stands in front Kid Leopard`s mirror space. Loud words are exchanged. The gym owner, Kevin Armstrong, tries to break up the loud ruckus. The two wrestling enemies now turn their attention to the owner and pounce. They fling Armstrong, who is considerably taller and weighs far more (in excess of 215 lbs) into the wrestling ring. Armstrong holds his own for a while, but the two really nasty grapplers combine their nasty talents to turn the tables. Armstrong is stripped, tied, and hauled out of the ring and into the locker room. BOUT 4: BUDDY JUSTICE VS. MICHAEL LORING This was not a match made in wrestling heaven. There was a lot of bad blood between these two. Loring is a good freestyle wrestler, Justice prefers pro. Justice usually enjoys a good give and take pro match, but when styles collide - look out. Justice manages to win the first fall with a fav hold, but loses the second with a combo arm lock, head scissors and ball squeeze. Justice becomes downright nasty in the final fall and goes after Loring with a vengeance. BOUT 5: ROCKY WATERS VS. JOHN JAY Rocky Waters, a logger from Oregon as well as a strip dancer, with razor definition and a super high level of energy. John Jay, 18 yo, freshly from Texas. A total opposite of Waters, more laid back. Waters is the kind of wrestler who loves the big dramatic moves, so you will see lots of aerial action. He also likes to provoke opponents with special annoyances like sternum poking. There were a number of times that Jay had Waters in a potential submission hold only to lose them to superior strength or because he was not balanced properly. The match goes to two out of three falls, which Waters manages to win. There is some post-match brutality when Waters hangs Jay upon the corner ring post and uses his abs for target practice. Jay collapses in a heap, probably regretting the day he agreed to engage in this bout with Waters.

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