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CAST: Ben Nicholas, Luke Young, Andy Flyer, Gymboy


RELEASE DATE: 2/22/2005

Nobody understands different strokes for different folks better than Boss Sexton. So for his youth oriented wrestling aficionados, Boss Sexton ordered the production of Amsterdam Oil Wrestling just for you. Ahh-h-h youth. Not a wrinkle or flaw to be found. Smooth flexable bodies that easily bend and contort into every position imagionable. Amsterdam Oil Wrestling deliveres three matches featuring five barely legal boys for your prurient pleasure. MATCH ONE: ANDY FLYER VS GYM BOY Built like a junior highschool football player, popular Andy Flyer takes on up and coming favorite Gym Boy. Watch Gym Boy develope because in a few years he's going to be Gym Hunk. After oiling each other down, Andy and Gym Boy enjoy each other's bodies thoroughly, testing each other's strength and power. You don't have to wait long for their trunks to come off. Gym Boy is completely hairless, and Andy is smooth chested. Gym boy takes the first fall with a choke hold submission. Andy takes the second fall with an over the knee back breaker. And they both agree to a future winner take all match. MATCH TWO: BEN NICHOLAS VS LUKE YOUNG Truly boyish looking Ben Nicholas wearing red briefs and equally youthful looking Luke Young in a white jock strap waste no time in peeling each other out of their gear. Exploratory groping, with mutual cock sucking and ball work heats up the action for Ben to use a black dildo on Luke's baby boy butt. The wrestling slows down, gets sensual, and ends up with a duo jackoff. Both boys easily pump off man sized loads, then lock onto each other for some cum sticky cuddling. MATCH THREE: ANDY FLYER VS LUKE YOUNG Bigger and better trained than Luke, Andy wanted a shot at the smooth sexy boyman. As in all three matches, they oil each other up before getting into more aggressive wrestling. Andy's gold trunks come off to reveal a much smaller blue bikini. Luke loses his red briefs, and soon both are bare assed. Andy playfully manhandles smaller Luke, and both of them clearly enjoy what's going on. Andy handly wins two straight falls, clamps a leg sissors choke hold on Luke, and orders him to jack off while enduring the hold. Amsterdam Oil Wrestling was produced for the Can-Am fans who worship the glories of youth. But then doesn't everything taste better when it's young and fresh?

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