A Sticky Situation


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CAST: Jimmy Dean

DIRECTOR: Ron Sexton

RELEASE DATE: 5/5/2020

Our Buff Hero (played by underground wrestling star Jimmy Dean) is lost in an unseen villains dastardly lair. Dressed in the kinkiest harness and thonged tights, his giant package is on prominent display as he tries to find his way through the terrifying maze.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, (but fortunately for us) the villain has other plans. He shoots Jimmy with tons of his evil poisoned webbing, and as Jimmy struggles to get loose, he is gassed and passes out.

When our hunky hero awakens, he has been tied up with ropes, stripped of his tights and left naked, cock on total display. He then discovers that the poison from the webs has affected him and made him completely horned up! He is unable to stop touching every part of his muscular frame.

He writhes around, getting harder and harder,and even though he tries, he is unable to stop worshipping his own giant cock. Stoke after stroke, our Hero can’t take it any more and finally gives into the poison! And then, our muscle bound Hero shoots his own ropes of webbing all over his washboard abs, a giant smile covering his face. Another victim in a sticky situation.

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