Open to Anything

Raw Entry Club

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CAST: Matt Corvin, Lucky Taylor, Chris Reed, Jose Manuel, Martin, Jess Teen, Nick Bari, Max Fonda, Tom Kopas, Fifty, John Magiaty

DIRECTOR: Stephane Moussu

RELEASE DATE: 6/18/2008

Has it ever struck you that living in a house with eleven hot, horny and hung young men might be a great idea? Whenever you feel in the mood, someone would always be sexually available for some wild action. The guys in OPEN TO ANYTHING, the latest DVD from Raw Entry Club, seem to concur with this idea. Through five sizzling bareback sex scenes, the eleven exceptionally well-hung studs hit it off and then get it off with one another – in the bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen - anywhere. It’s a nice gay dream, a true fantasy. “Kiss me, suck me, eat me, fuck me, I’m open to anything!”

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