Bondo Gods Vol. 7

Muscle Bound

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CAST: Dak Ramsey, Malcolm Roberts, Jeremy Steel, Richie Fine, Van Darkholme, Omar, Lars Svenson

DIRECTOR: Van Darkholme

RELEASE DATE: 10/30/2008

Van Darkholme and his boys are back at it again! This video has three hot scenes plus a bonus scene: In the first scene, Dak Ramsey is captured and brought into Van's playroom along with slave boys Omar and Malcom Roberts.

Second scene is with Richie Fine and Van where Richie got worked over and cock teased by Van. Mister hot bod and hot cock himself, Dak Ramsey returns in scene three where he gave Lars Svenson a flogging and a fucking of his life.

Straight pornstar legend Jeremy Steele got tied up in the bonus scene where he got worked over by Van and shot a bucket load of cum!!!

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