Sex On Duty

Jet Set International

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CAST: Petr Kraal, Timot Moltan, Martin Czechman, Jarda Milan, Jirka Koviad, Jaroslav Kapinsky, Pavel Heidenreich, Nino Pavelevitch, Lukas Maren, Marcel Studen, Jan Kitchko, Ivan Tannek

DIRECTOR: Robert Boggs

RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2002

Sex On Duty, a new Jet Set International Video, directed by Robert Boggs. With 10 sex starved soldiers on active duty, you have a mix of hardcore sex and wanton debauchery. Enjoy yourself as you fantasize about what your own active duty could have been. Think back to those lonely night and days of patrol with nothing to satisfy yourself with but your hand and your imagination.

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