Hot Buddies 4: Hard at Work

Jet Set International

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CAST: Oleg Vorobyev, Dennis, Yuriy Boshkin, Andrey Nazarov, Nicki Kolchkov, Riga Moskovsky, Sergey Kotov, Boris Spokoyniy

DIRECTOR: Alex Clark

RELEASE DATE: 6/30/1997

Mind-Blowing Action Where Pleasure and Over-Time are Hand in Hand... Work is out of the question when it comes to these eight cock-hungry young Russian studs who are in it for the pleasure! What a day at "the club"-- a little tanning, a little swimming, some one-on-one gaming, and a smorgasbord of tender cocks 'n' asses to sweeten the day's workout! Whether it's duo action or solo sport, these hot buddies know just the right routine to harden each and every muscle. Having tended to his club duties, Oleg welcomes blond Sergey to the massage table with a slow and savory body probe. Dicks stiffen and tight guy asses purse as these hot bodies suck and tongue their way to wet pleasures. Over and under, they gorge on hairy hangers and tender heads and, at climax, plaster the massage mat with creamy cum aplenty. After the "hard" work, Oleg showers and finds fellow bather Andrey a tantalizing piece of eye candy. This is solo time, though, and Andrey waits to stroke his slim bod and lengthening cock. He fingers a long one and, in the steamy mist, then speckles his fine tan lines with fresh guy seed. Too bad, Oleg. Had you stayed a few moments more, your eye candy would have become a tasty tongue delight!

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