Hollywood Sex Club

Jet Set Men

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CAST: Aaron James, Cam Kurtz, Jason Reddick, Jonathan Lowe, Luke Riley, Sean Preston, Sebastian Young, TJ Young, Tyler Saint

DIRECTOR: Andrew Rosen

RELEASE DATE: 5/4/2008

If you’re a hot, straight guy who’s a bit drunk, and with some deep-seated interest and desire to go to an all male sex club just to “check it out”, you might want to think again. Or you might want to hurry on over before the booze wears off. Jet Set Men Exclusive Aaron James and his buddy Jason Reddick play out just that scenario in HOLLYWOOD SEX CLUB, the new DVD from director Andrew Rosen. Aaron can’t quite handle the idea of going into the male sex club The Zone, but his friend Jason, who appears to have designs on Aaron, drags him inside. The two studs no sooner gain entrance than they find hot Hollywood guys all around them, on the prowl for their own piece of the action. Passing various guys in the hall, they head off up the stairs. Jonathan Lowe just broke up with his boyfriend, so he’s definitely on the prowl. His blond friend Luke Riley, already stripped to the waist, heads into the toilet and finds super hung Cam Kurtz.

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