Tales From The Chamber 5


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CAST: Brandon James ,Dario ,Derek Cruz ,Dylan Wood ,Kaya Rydell ,Poncharelli ,Puck ,Rocky Sanoma (Rocky Star)

DIRECTOR: Beau Bradley

RELEASE DATE: 10/16/2009

Director Beau Bradley`s Tales From the Chamber 5 is a collection of four original Hard Hero video vignettes titled Gassed, Towering Punishment, Duo Tied, and Sticky String Again. All four segments star body beautiful combinations of Can-Am muscle stars Trevor Matthews, TJ Holiday, Max Munoz, Brad Boyer, Derek Cruz, and Brandon Fox. Your favorite is surely featured in one or more of the four segments so that each hero gets captured, stripped, tied up, punished and suffers for your perverted pleasure.

GASSED Four heroes of the Super Squad must retrieve a stolen government compound. They divide into two teams. Each team is captured by a leather villain anti-hero. They all get bound up in elaborate bondage positions and forced to punish each other in their drugged states of minds. Kudos on the expert and intricate bondage.

TOWERING PUNISHMENT Our Heroes discover a breach of security on their headquarters` rooftop communications tower. Each hero battles the roof top villain but is overcome by him. After being punished, the heroes rally and battle the villain saving the day and their control tower.

DUO TIED Heroes Derek Cruz and Brandon Fox are zapped, captured, tied up back to back in a sitting position and showered with toxic chemicals, then stripped out of their hero suits and punished more.

STICKY STRING AGAIN Beautiful and muscled hero Derek Cruz finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. He`s rendered helpless by paralyzing chemical sticky string. Unconscious hero Derek gets stripped naked and tied up to await his punishment.

There is a lot going on in this video`s four segments. You`ll find multiple reasons to shoot your load for your favorite hero.

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