Maric's Weekend

Dolphin Entertainment

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CAST: Mario Fox, Sasha Leskov, Andrew, Andrey K., Alexander Lapin, Andrey Q., Loran, Nikita Zarechnev, Ludvig, Tadas Spakauskas, Stas K., Yuriy Boshkin, Tom Sargun

DIRECTOR: Alex Clark

RELEASE DATE: 5/30/2002

Good time, dyed blond, coverboy Maric (Mario Fox), attends a private party disco. We follow him and his teen friends as they pair off in adjoining rooms so that most scenes are sprinkled with rainbow spots, candles and dry ice. Cute Maric with black muscle top pushes Sasha, whose a tad shorter with dark hair, toned and tanned with white cut-offs and a cowboy hat, up against the bathroom wall while forcibly kissing him. They slowly take off one another's tops while Maric drops to his knees to give Sasha's uncut cock a good slurp. Sasha enjoys it, his prick responds. Maric turns Sasha around to give his pert rear some spit, mouth and tongue action slurping around his hairy hole. Sash's cock still needs attention. Maric obliges sucking Sasha's stiffy and balls until he can hold out no longer and shoots wads of cum over Maric's back as he sucks Sasha's sack. Maric licks Sasha's pole.

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