First Time 7

Dolphin Entertainment

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CAST: Andrey Q., Cheslav, Sasha L., Andrey K., Zanis, Vladislav, Alexander

DIRECTOR: Alex Clark

RELEASE DATE: 6/30/2001

There's something special about guys in uniform, especially guys in tight sailor whites. I suppose that's why I was anchored to my chair for the duration. These cuties sure know how to party, and with the ship leaving port in a few hours, there's no better time than the present to let it all hang out-- hot and hard. That's the inkling I get at video's start anyway: Two cuties awakening on a slim spar wondering where in the hell they are, where their ship has gone-- two other shipmates further down the strand caught in the same quandry-- repace their steps in hopes of sorting through the stormy affair that has marooned them. Last night's pre-departure shenanigans seem the natural starting point to rivet an explanation. Ostensibly, it all began in a strip club. Some busty broads slinking around a pole, some brewskies, some wild form dancing, and even a dolphin-featured laser show later, the ship's vaunted crew had headed their separate directions,

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