Electro Surge

Close-Up Men

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CAST: Max Grand, Lex Kyler, Paul Carrigan, Joe Foreman, Thom Southern, Eric Scott

DIRECTOR: Steve Johnson

RELEASE DATE: 3/22/1999

Electric Stimulation to the anus, dick, balls, tits you name it and what a way to go. This is the concensus of opinion of the models who worked on this video. Electric Stimulation is not new to the Close-Up Video scene.....”Cell Shocked” one of our other videos has electirfied many with its use of the electric toys. In “ Power Surge” we find a couple of guys who are in a relationship. One is bound and determined to keep the two of them together and thus is trying to find a new way to keep his lover home more. He discovers an ad about the electric toys from PES and decides to investigate this scene. Meanwhile the lover is having sex with someone he picked up at the gym. The master Lex Kyler plays with two different guys, Max Grand who is his worker at the shop. Max with his big uncut dick really gets into the electricity and his cock never looked so big as Lex put the juice to him. Anal probe, electic butt chair, acrylic butt plug, anal sparklers, all kinds of toys help to make these men hard and horny. When Eric Scott comes into the shop Master Lex gives him a sampling of what it is like to use these wonderful toys. Eric is intrigued and soon hard and moaning from the intensity of the electro-stim......It is finally Joe Foreman, the wayward lover, who agrees to try out the good and goes with his lover, Thom Southern, to see Master Lex. This video does not hold back on the goods. You’ll see lots of hard dick, and lots of cum flying as the boys play electro stimulation.

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