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ARENA 25 DOP: 10/28/1994 BOUT 1: REX HOLLY VS. GRANT FLOOD (ROUGHHOUSING ROOKIES) Rex Holly: 5’8”, 190#, Black hair, Blue eyes, 22yo Grant Flood: 5’9”, 180#, Black hair, Green eyes, 26yo These guys are not polished professionals, but their moves are pretty good for “new kids on the block.” They lay into each other pretty hard. For those into “give and take” matches, you’ll enjoy this one. No one sided squash job here. Rex and Grant certainly qualify as “Musclehunks.” They wear the briefest of wrestling trunks, which leave half of their butts hanging out. They also wear pro wrestling boots. Rex, the heavier of the two wrestlers, manages a first fall victory with a full nelson. He lifts Grant off the mat and starts a spinning action. Grant gives. Sweat shines from both bodies as the aggressive give and take action continues into the second fall. Some of the reversals are actually quite good. Grant puts Rex into a combination full nelson and body scissors and squeezes an “I give” out of him for a second fall victory. The match is now even 1-1. Where these guys get their energy from is a mystery to BG. The third fall continues at the same frenetic pace as the first two. Lots of high-flying action, reversals with give and take. Who has the strength and endurance to win? It may not be the one you think. BOUT 2: KID LEOPARD & KID VICIOUS VS. JOHNNY OLSON & DAVY DE ANGELO (TAG TEAM ACTION) Those who have been BG customers for a long time know that when you dangle the right kind of hot bodied, young rookie “baby-aced” meat in front of Kid Leopard, he will go the lengths of the world to batter, bully, beat-up, bash, buffalo, and otherwise have a great deal of fun the “Kid Leopard way.” In this case the Kid brings his protégé, Kid Vicious, to the Long Beach Arena as BG has set up a villain/baby-face rookie tag team bout that is made in Pro-Wrestling Heaven. The baby-faces, wearing matching orange trunks and white boots, enter the ring first and stretch their muscles with a towel between them. With earnest faces and glowing optimism they are confident of victory. They cannot believe that with their strength, muscled bodies, good endurance, and hold knowledge that they can possibly lose to these “Kids.” Enter Kid Leopard and Vicious. Look at that all-knowing smirk on Kid Leopard’s face. He’s looking at these two young, handsome rookies like they are fresh meat for a shark. Neither of them knows it right now but they are). Kid Vicious and Davy DeAngelo get into the ring first. For the first few minutes of this video both of them give Kid Vicious a good wrestling lesson. Making good use of frequent tags, poor Kid Vicious appears on his way to certain defeat. The “babies” are a joy to watch. The rookies get Vicious in a leg headlock and roll him continuously around the mat. Vicious doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going. Meanwhile Kid Leopard bides his time in his corner, determined to test Vicious to see what stuff he’s made of. This is a first for Leopard – testing Vicious in tag action as a teammate. But so far he’s not too impressive. The rookies shift the limb action to Vicious’ arm and proceed to torture him. Several times Vicious makes an attempt to get away, to reach Kid Leopard. The rookies catch him and continue to beat him up. BG thinks: “This was not how it was supposed to be. When are the Kid’s going to turn this around?” No sooner said than done. Vicious grabs DeAngelo’s hair, backs him into the ropes and with Kid Leopard coming in from behind, you know what happens now. Leopard and Vicious start teaming up on DeAngelo. Olson comes in from behind to rescue DeAngelo. A boot to Olson’s stomach by Vicious cuts his attack short. Vicious turns his attention to Olson while Kid Leopard bashes DeAngelo. All four get into the ring, and for the remainder of the match its Leopard and Vicious double-teaming Olson and DeAngelo like you’ve never seen double-teaming before. Backbreakers, Boston crabs, face mat smashes, corner work-over, stomach punching, giant swings, and on and on – the rookies take it big time. For those into seeing two hot looking, young, well-muscled baby-faces take it from two of BG’s ultimate villains who have no mercy – well, make no mistake – this bout is a must for your collection. BOUT 3: SMOKEHOUSE VS. LUKE HARMAN (SQUASH JOB) Smokehouse: 5’8”, 210#, Black hair, Brown eyes, 35yo Luke Harman: 5’7”, 185#, Brown hair, Blue eyes, 34yo Smokehouse is something else. With a marine military background, he’s built like a “brickshithouse,” verbalizes like an “outhouse,” and wrestles super aggressive. Both of these guys have burly wrestlers build, but it’s pretty obvious from the outset of this match that Smokehouse is the more aggressive of the two. It’s good that Luke Harman has some muscle meat on his bones, because he’s going to need a bit of cushion to take the punishment that Smokehouse dishes out. Luke takes it, takes it and takes it until he can take it no longer. From out of nowhere he lays a forearm into Smokehouse’s balls. He manages an arm-stretch on the burly black wrestler, but not much more. Smokehouse turns things around and Luke once again starts to be the Smokehouse punching bag. Profusely sweating by the time the first fall ends; Smokehouse lifts the hapless Luke over his shoulders for a backbreaker submission. Standing over a destroyed Harman and giving us a double biceps flex, Smokehouse’s mouth doesn’t stop. “There’s a new wrestler in town baby,” he growls in a deep raspy voice, “and his name is Smokehouse! I love myself!” Luke attempts to get control of Smokehouse at the top of the second fall with a fairly weak side headlock and some tepid punches to his head. Needless to say it’s not long before Smokehouse reverses and secures Harman in his own headlock which upon closer examination looks more like a neck choke while holding on to is hair. What follows amazes BG. Luke throws Smokehouse into the ropes, clotheslines him, and steps on his throat with his wrestling boot; Way to go Luke! Now get something going! He reaches down, pulls Smokehouse up by his hair, and – Whoosh! Smokehouse lays into his gut with a couple of haymaker rights. From this point on it’s a total one-sided squash. Luke is rear bear-hugged, put in full nelsons, thrown, clothes lined, given corner mayhem, and Boston crabbed. Smokehouse hardly pauses to take a physical breath, let alone a verbal one. This was an impressive BG debut for the big black wrestler. BOUT 4: DAN STEELE VS. SCOTT RANDSOME (MUSCLE BAREFOOT PRO WRESTLING MATCH) Dan Steele: 5’10”, 205#, Blond hair, Blue eyes, 32yo Scott Randsome: 5’8”, 180#, Blond hair, Brown eyes, 22yo Scott Randsome and Dan Steele meet in the Long Beach Arena wrestling ring, barefoot. Scott is outweighed and shorter, so he has his work cut out for him against the formidable Dan Steele. Dan wears a thong, Scott a brief pair of trunks. Scott gets off to a bad start when Dan throws him into the ropes, then body blocks him. But you’ll note Scott manages to keep even with Dan in a give and take first fall. Scott manages to hold his own right up to the point where Dan puts a claw hold on to Scott’s head. In obvious pain and holding out for as long as he can, Randsome finally has to submit. Dan has one very powerful grip. At the top of the second fall the wrestlers pec smash and push each other in a very personal challenge. Dan slaps on a full nelson, Scott reverses it, and for the remainder of the second fall stays in continuous control of Big Dan Steele. He slaps on one hold after the other and doesn’t give Dan a chance to reverse, get out of, or avoid the holds. Dan Steele ultimately ends up submitting to a nicely executed Boston crab. In the showdown fall Scott remains aggressive and in control. Dan, since the first fall, seems unable to mount any kind of meaningful counter-attack. But this soon changes when Randsome becomes the victim of a ball bash. Scott gets a grazing second one for good measure. Steele then lifts him into a crushing bear hug, throws him against the ropes. Two more bear hugs finally convince Scott to submit.


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